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Property Promotion

We list your property with the most popular online travel agencies (, Airbnb, Expedia), and in case of existing pages we are upgrading them for better conversion.


Using the strengths of your property, we are promoting efficiency and effectiveness on the online travel pages. Also, we advertise your property on our company’s social media in order to maximize its promotion and increase your reservations.

Performance Optimization

We use the best possible prices to get the most out of your property.

Reservation Management

We communicate with your customers and we are at their disposal for any information, inquiry or request they may have.

Financial Analysis

We provide you with the financial data of your property compared to the competition as well as forecasts for the next years


We inform you about your reservations and at the end of each month we send you a detailed list of all your reservations as well as your income from them. You also have full access to all the websites in which we have listed your property.


In Home ’n Host we list your property with the most popular online travel agencies (, Airbnb, Expedia), and in case of existing pages we are upgrading them.
We manage your property in the online travel agencies daily and we are adapting it according to your needs and the needs of the market.

We inform you about the upcoming reservations and we synchronize your online calendars to avoid double-bookings. We promote your property to the social media of our company in order to increase your visibility. We provide you with monthly as well as yearly financial analysis of your property in order to improve its effectiveness.

We are at your disposal and at the disposal of your potential guests every day. We offer your guests personalized services and experiences to make the most of their vacations.

Additional Services

Property Evaluation

We evaluate your property and we offer tips for optimization, by taking in consideration your needs or demands you may have.

Amateur Photography

We take care of the photography for your property according to the specifications of the online travel agencies (at no additional cost).

Professional Photography

Our professional photographer evaluates your space and photographs your property for attracting most guests and improves the effectiveness of your property (at an additional cost).

Upgrading Guest’s Experience

We provide your guests with tips and suggestions for attractions and activities so that they can live an unforgettable experience.

Property Renovation

We are by your side if you wish to upgrade your place by offering you specialized services and advice for renovation and decoration.