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What will Home ’n Host will do for me?

Home ’n Host will offer online management or full management of your property. We will create or upgrade your listing on the most popular online booking platforms (, Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia), we take care of the photography of your property, the communication with your guests, as well as annual financial analysis. We also offer additional services, customized to your own needs.

What potential income could I get from my property?

The income of your property depends on many factors such as the area your property is located, the size, the quality and its preserved state. In Home ’n Host, by using modern tools for online promotion, we use the full potential of your property in order to obtain the maximum profit.

What is the procedure I need to follow in order to work with you?

The process is very simple. You can contact us by phone, email or through our website contact form. We will evaluate your space and upon agreement, we will register your property to the most popular booking platforms. At the same time, we inform you about the procedures that are necessary in the short-term rental, in order to start receiving reservations at your property.

How do I get paid from my reservations/ How is my payment being processed?

You are getting paid directly by the platforms on which your property is listed, and at the end of each month we send you a detailed list of your bookings and the amount attributable to our services.

I have already listed my property in some platforms, can you manage it?

Of course. If your property is already listed, we will update your page accordingly and take over its management immediately.


What is the procedure I need to follow in order to make my property available in short-term rental?

In order for an apartment to be registered on the online booking platforms, the owner must create a Property Registration Number for home owners and Special Operating logo for hotel owners. Villa owners do not receive a Property Registration Number, but must be registered in the Short-Term Rental Property Register.

What identification documents should I ask for from my guests?

According to the Greek legislation, you need to request for the Tax Identification Number from the Greek visitors, the Identity Number from the visitors coming from the E.U. and the Passport Number from all the other visitors.

When should I declare the month’s reservations to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE)?

Reservation declarations are submitted on AADE’s website by the 20th of the following month from the guest’s departure date. In case of late registration of a reservation, the owner must pay a fine of 100 euros.

I have a property with several apartments that I want to make available for short-term rental. How many Property Registration Numbers should I create?

By law, each property available for short-term rental is assigned a Property Registration Number (ΑMA). Therefore, for each apartment that is posted on the online booking platforms, you should create the equivalent number of Property Registration Numbers.